1. The tenant will make the total payment for the service at the time of booking.

2. The lessee must be 21 years old and have a type B driving license.

3. The user declares to be able to drive the vehicle and have control over the rented equipment.

4. The lessee agrees to return the vehicle and accessories in the same delivery conditions.



1. The route may be canceled by the company in case of bad weather: if the weather is adverse, the route will be postponed to another date to be specified between both parties within the same season. If the client could not, the amount paid would be returned.

2. In the event that the company detects that a vehicle is in poor condition, the route will be postponed, in the event that the client cannot carry it out another day, the amount paid will be returned.

3. Personal reasons of the client: in case of suspension for reasons of the client, (includes not showing up, being late or not giving notice of the cancellation with a minimum of 24 hours. Otherwise, they will lose the right to return it.

4. Failure to comply with some of the requirements demanded of the client, both in the case of being the driver and passenger of the vehicle, or verifying that the client does not have clear concepts of operation and handling of the vehicle. Any practice of reckless driving, such as skidding, is prohibited. If the monitor observes violent driving by any of the components of the group, he may, at his discretion, suspend the route without refunding the amount paid to the client.



1. Only the people declared at the time of formalizing the rental (users) are authorized to use the vehicle. The lessee is liable to the lessor for the damages, losses and losses caused by the misuse of the same.


The lessee and the users are obliged: to drive in accordance with the current law, to be at all times in conditions to drive the vehicle, adapting the circulation to the correct circumstances of the road, and to the traffic regulations of the authority municipal.

3. The user of the vehicle is strictly prohibited from driving in inadequate physical conditions, motivated by the consumption of alcohol, drugs, narcotic substances, psychotropic substances, stimulants or with fatigue that prevents proper control of the vehicle.

4. The lessee will be responsible for all expenses and fines derived from infractions committed during the period of use of the rented vehicle.

5. The rental price includes civil liability insurance that covers damages that may be caused as a result of defects in the rented material.

6. The client is responsible for being insured with adequate coverage against risks that may arise during the rental period. The lessor is not responsible for claims for accidents, injuries, blows or damages caused to himself or to his property. Or for the loss of an object during the rental period. Damages caused to third parties, people or property are fully insured by the corresponding RC insurance civil liability insurance that is included with the rental of the vehicle.

7. Failure to comply with the conditions of this contract entitles the lessor to unilaterally terminate the contract and take immediate possession of the vehicle in the place where it is located, without the lessee having the right to any type of claim or compensation.

8. The lessee will also bear all legal expenses derived from the breach by the lessee of the obligations established in the following contract.

9. The material will be returned complete and in the same state in which it was delivered to the client, the cost for loss, theft or robbery will be borne by the lessor.

10. The data provided in the following contract will be used as provided by LO. 15/1999, December 13, on the protection of personal data, the tenant is informed that their data will be included in the file owned by QUAD AVENTURA COSTA DEL SOL, whose purpose is the correct provision of the service. The interested party may exercise the right of rectification or cancellation by communicating to the address or in our office.

11. This contract is governed by Spanish law and for the resolution of any dispute that may arise by virtue of it, the contracting parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Malaga.